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Eventually, we would like to include comments about each piece from the directors and teachers who have used our publications.  We perceive this exercise as a "win-win" situation intended to accomplish two things:

1. Website visitors will learn that Middle C publications have been used successfully by actual schools and community music groups.  This may help convince potential customers that our compositions and arrangements would also work well with their own musicians.

2. Our current customers can enjoy a bit of free publicity.  This might be an excellent way of letting the world know about your school or ensemble.  We intend to acknowledge each quote by identifying the school or community organisation as well as its ensemble director.

Was there a Middle C composition or arrangement that your musicians enjoyed performing?  Perhaps they had a favourite piece that they always begged you to play.  Or, maybe there was a Middle C work that was a huge hit with the audience.  If so, we would love to hear from you.

Simply fill in the details about yourself, your ensemble, and the piece they performed.  Then add your comments.  Remember to tick the permission box before clicking the "Send" button.  Feel free to repeat the process and comment on more than one piece if you wish.

We reserve the right to remove comments from our website or display them on a rotational basis in order to achieve a more balanced cross-section.  We also reserve the right to shorten quotes that are deemed to be too long.  Thank you for taking the time to send us these unpaid endorsements.


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