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Thank you so much for sending in these Performance Returns. In the vast majority of cases, the performance rights have already been paid for, so this costs you nothing. However, unless a performance is actually reported, our composers and arrangers will be unable to receive the APRA performance royalties to which they are entitled.

Below are the names of all the music published by Middle C Music (or previously published by Middle C Associates Pty. Ltd. and now owned by Middle C Music). Some names appear more than once if the composition or arrangement has been published again for a different type of ensemble.

Simply tick the box beside each piece that was performed. You may tick more than one box. All of the pieces that were performed on the same date at the same venue should be ticked. Then, please fill in all of your other details in the appropriate places. When you have finished, enter the spammer code and click the "Submit" button.

(Note: If you perform a piece again on a different date, please send in a separate Performance Return.)



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Adagietto  After the Fire  Air (concert band)  Air (stage band)  All that Glitters  Alto Whirlwind  Andalusia  Beguine  Berceuse de Jocelyn  Best Barbershop Around, The  Bi (concert band)  Bi (orchestra)  Big Bad Bop  Big Red Bus  Black & White Liquorice  Blue Forest Winds  Boomerang Champion (choir)  Boomerang Champion (concert band)  Botany Bay (brass)  Botany Bay (strings)  Bound for South Australia (band)  Bound for South Australia (percussion  Bravura (concert band)  Bravura (flexible trio)  Bravura (orchestra)  Bravura (strings)  Calwellian Pirates Voyage  Can Can  Canberra Portraits  Captain Moonlite  Carrington  Carts & Wagons  Celtic Moment (concert band)  Celtic Moment (orchestra)  Chorale  Chosen Few  Citius Altius Fortius  Cliché  Coconotion  Colditz Castle  Colditz Fanfare  Collaroy Saxology  Cymbalic Gesture (concert band)  Cymbalic Gesture (percussion)  Dance of the Competitive Spirit  Dance of the 7-Legged Octopus  Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy  Dance Suite  Dining Diversions  Djolt  Drum History, A  8.5 (Eight Point Five)  Etude  Exploration for Winds  Explorations in Brass  Fanfare & March  Flying Geese  Four Way Fugue  Frolic, A  F'sh & Ch'ps  Galliard (brass)  Galliard (strings)  Galliard (woodwind)  Girl with the Flaxen Hair, The  Good as Gold  Gwalchmai Overture  Gymnopédie 1  Han Songs (brass band)  Han Songs (concert band)  Hava Nagila  Heptathlon  Hexa (brass band)  Hexa (concert band)  I Spy  I'll Cut My Heart  In Memorium: Steve Polkinghorne  Island Songs  Jazz Ballet  Jungle Gossip  Kings Cross (brass)  Kings Cross (stage band)  Kings Cross (strings)  Kum Ba Ya  La Mer Changeante  Lakemba (percussion)  Lakemba (strings)  Lakemba (woodwind)  Lao Phen Reflections  Lauda Sion Excerpt (brass)  Lauda Sion Excerpt (concert band)  Lest We Forget  Little Blue Train  Lockdown Cha-Cha-Chá  Look Listen Learn  Macassan Encounter (concert band)  Macassan Encounter (strings)  Make a Difference  March of the Arachnids  Mary Had a Little Lamb (clarinets)  Mary Had a Little Lamb (recorders)  Mary's Chilled Out Lamb  Mazurian Lakes  Meditation from Thais  Morning Bells & Danish  Moreton Bay (brass)  Moreton Bay (concert band)  Moreton Bay (orchestra)  Moreton Bay (woodwind)  Masacote  Nimrod from Enigma Variations  Not Even  Nouvelle-Calédonie  Occidens Proximus Orienti  Of Youth  On a Scale of 1 to 10 (concert band)  On a Scale of 1 to 10 (orchestra)  Overlander, The  Oxley  Pagan Ritual  Pasir Panjang Ridge  Pedro and the Coyote (concert band)  Pedro and the Coyote (orchestra)  Pedro y el Coyote  Penta  Percussion Pervasion  Percussive Fanfares  Platitude  Poetry in Motion  .33 (Point Three Three) (orchestra)  .33 (Point Three Three) (percussion)  .33 (Point Three Three) (woodwind)  Preliminary Final  Quartal Chortle  Raglan Beach Half Shuffle  Resplendent  River Dreaming  Road Kill  Romance (K. 447)  Rondo for Strings  Rondo Remote  Rosamunde Ballet Music  Roxburgh  Sawyer, The  Scream Go  Short Suite  Snakes 22  Spanish Dreams  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (brass)  Swind Low, Sweet Chariot (woodwind)  Swiss Twins (brass)  Swiss Twins (concert band)  Swiss Twins (percussion)  Take Me to the Chapel  Tenjin-Yama  Those Trying Drummers  Three Little Magpies (brass)  Three Little Magpies (woodwind)  Tim's Tunes  Top Class (classroom ensemble)  Top Class (concert band)  Top Class (percussion)  Towards Eternity  Tri (concert band)  Tri (orchestra)  Trivium  Two Aussie Folk-Songs  van Coolsteerdt  Vectorial (brass)  Vectorial (woodwind)  Vectorial Alliance  West Wind  What I Knew  Wild & Woolly  Wild Foods  Winter Storm Inga  Wolf's Bad Rap  World Was Flat, The  Wounded Wing (brass)  Wounded Wing (Strings) 
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