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How to order

It is now possible to order online. This is accessed through the Catalogue.

This website is currently configured to calculate prices and freight costs for Australian (domestic) customers. The freight / postage charges listed below are only approximate and can vary depending upon the weight of the parcel and the manner of delivery (e.g. by post, by courier). However, the figures below should give you a reasonably good idea.

International orders will have the freight / postage calculated on a regional basis. The rate for Asia / Pacific countries is lower than for the rest of the world (Europe, North America, South America, Africa). (Middle C also assists by paying a significant portion of the freight costs for larger orders.) The current approximate freight / postage charges are:

Orders under $65 Orders from $65 - $199 Orders from $200 - $299 Orders of $300 or more
$5.00 (Australia) $12.00 (Australia) $16.00 (Australia) no charge (Australia)
$10.00 (Asia / Pacific) $25.00 (Asia / Pacific) $35.00 (Asia / Pacific) $20.00 (Asia / Pacific)
$15.00 (rest of world) $35.00 (rest of world) $45.00 (rest of world) $30.00 (rest of world)

To order music, click on the Catalogue tab, and then select the instrument or voice category. For each title there is a "More . . / Order" option located at the extreme right. Clicking in this area will bring up all the information about that piece. To purchase this piece click on the "Add to Order" button then click the "Close" button. Select more pieces and repeat this process to add them to your order. To change the instrument or voice category go back to the Catalogue and choose another category. At any time you may click on the "View Order" button to see what your order looks like.

After you have selected all your pieces and your order is complete, click the "Complete Order" button. This will send you to the final page where the total is displayed and where you can fill in the necessary contact details and billing information.

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