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Welcome to the Middle C website. We have now completed the move from Victoria to Queensland.  Our new location is in the Brisbane suburb of Cleveland.


Several changes occurred when we re-structured our music publishing business in July 2019. One improvement was a slight name change.  We are now Middle C Music. We believe this makes us sound more like a music publisher and less like a legal firm. It seems to be working well. 


Another significant benefit of this change is that we are no longer registered for G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax). This means that we are no longer required to add on an extra ten percent to the price of your music.  Please do not tack on any G.S.T. amounts when sending purchase orders.


Existing customers are asked to update their records accordingly to ensure that future orders contain our current business details.  Anything sent to our old Geelong address will not be received as we no longer have that post office box.  Furthermore, any attempts to make payment to our old business name will be futile as that bank account no longer exists.


For many customers, the online ordering system should continue to work quite well.  Existing customers who normally communicate via email may continue to do so.


We love receiving comments from teachers and conductors who have used our music. We see these testimonials as a win-win situation. Website visitors can learn that our publications have been used successfully by actual schools and community ensembles. This may help convince potential customers that our publications would also work well with their own musicians. Of equal importance, our current customers can enjoy a bit of free publicity. This might be an excellent way of letting the world know about your school or community ensemble. To add your comments, please click on the Testimonials tab on the home page and follow the instructions.


Our team of Middle C composers now numbers twenty-nine. Twenty-five of them are Aussies (although one of them is currently living in the U.S.A. and another is again teaching in Malaysia).  The remaining four composers are Kiwis.


Middle C compositions and arrangements have long been known for their wonderful educational content. Perhaps this is due to the fact that every one of our composers and arrangers is a current or former music educator.


A relatively new feature of the Middle C website is a quick and easy way to report your performances.  If you send us the details, we can pass this information on to A.P.R.A. so that our composers are able to receive the performance royalties to which they are legally entitled.  Many schools have annual blanket coverage that permits them to legally perform our works under most circumstances. Therefore, letting us know about a performance will usually cost a school nothing at all. 


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