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This catalogue provides a brief description of our current publications. Grade levels are approximate. All keys are in concert pitch. Prices are in Australian dollars. We are no longer registered for GST (Goods and Services Tax of 10%). Therefore, please do not add a GST component when placing your order.

After clicking on the Catalogue tab you may view individual instrument or voice categories (e.g. brass, woodwind). Some pieces are flexible and may be performed by more than one type of ensemble (e.g. concert band, orchestra). In these instances, the piece is listed in both categories.

The percussion publications consist of both melodic and non-melodic pieces. The non-melodic publications use only rhythmic material and therefore are written without a key signature. This is indicated as "Key: - - -" in the complete description of each piece. To view all of the non-melodic percussion pieces, do a search of percussion pieces by selecting the "search by detailed criteria" option at the bottom of the page. Then search by Key and select "- - -" (shown as the very first choice at the top), and finally click the flashing "click to complete search" button.

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