Middle C Music
 Middle C Music
Category Concert Band
Composer Brendan Collins
Key Bb, C
Bars 181
Min. 5
Sec. 45
Time Signatures 2 3 4 5 6
4 4 4 4 4
Grade 4.0
Soloist grade 5.0
Description This exciting composition was commissioned by Sydney's Pittwater High School to showcase the skills of their star alto saxophonist. It is a fun, lively, dynamic piece that lets your soloist display expression as well as virtuosic technique. Alto Whirlwind has audience appeal and (unlike some solo or concerto repertoire) will provide plenty of interest for the accompanying ensemble. Player parts are very rhythmical, time signature change is plentiful, and the pace is frequently satisfyingly swift.
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Score sample SCAN_DOCAWCBBARS24-31,111-117.PDF

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Middle C Music